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About us

Stax is an online vintage store which is born out of frustration with the low level of experience that comes with shopping for vintage clothing online. We were sick of receiving unwashed vintage garms, shipped in plastic bags from questionable eBay listings, we knew this could be a more pleasant experience. We aim to solve all uncertainties that come with buying used clothing online. Not only have we built an algorithm that gives advice in fit and size, we also try to reduce waste in our supply chain by heavily automating processes such as the listing of clothing, product photography and editing images.


All of our items undergo intensive quality control and go on average trough 7 pairs of hands before being shipped out. We ship our packages in packaging which is recycled and 100% recyclable. In 2020 we have fully eradicated the use of single use plastics in our supply chain


In 2019 we opened the doors of our first store in the inner city of Utrecht. If you ever visited that first store then u are definitely familiair with the vibes we bring, unfortunately we had to close the doors of that location after 10 months because of the pandemic. The good news is that we have opened another store 1 bus stop from the previous store. This store is bigger and we have all of the items from our website in stock at location. You can book an appointment here, we are open daily from 12 to 17.