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About us

We are Stax, the online vintage store.

We have been operating since 2017 from the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

It is our every day goal to offer our customers vintage clothing in the best way a vintage store can possibly offer them. We carefully curate a selection of handpicked vintage garments of which every single piece has been professionally cleaned, steamed, photographed and folded before being packed for delivery. We put our heart and soul in it and it shows in our level of quality.

We do this because we think shopping for vintage clothing should be a simple, clean and easy experience. In our opinion you should not be spending hours in a smelly and overpacked vintage store because no matter how much time you spend in one of those, they never seem to have what you are looking for.

At Stax, all items are clearly photographed and have a clear description to prevent any surprises. When you receive a garment from Stax, you can try it on in the comfort of your own privacy to see if matches the garments you already own. And if it doesn’t, just return it! No sketchy refund policies with us.

Did you know that shopping for vintage clothing is the most fun way to save our planet? With every garment we sell, we prevent the pollution of 10.000 liters of water.* We are proud to say that since 2017, together with our customers, we have prevented 50 million liters of water being polluted.

*Production of a single kg of cotton uses +-20.000 liters of water. Cotton production also uses many pesticides that are extremely harmful to the environment.