Stax™ Fit Indicator™

Thank you for participating in the Beta test of our new Fit Indicator™. You are one of the first people to experience vintage shopping on a new level. Never again will you receive an item that does not fit.

Participate in our Beta test and receive a 10% discount code in your email. Click the 'ADD MEASUREMENTS' button below.

With our new Fit Indicator™ every garment in our store comes with a personalised advice on how the item will fit you. To unlock this we need two simple measurements of one of your best fitting sweatshirt. Our algorithms will compare your measurements to the all of the measurements in our database and will give you an indication on how this item will fit you.

Please note that we are currently Beta testing the feature, bugs or errors might occur. If you happen to catch one, let us know, there is a reward! Let us know here.